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TSKT's Vision
            TSKT Co., Ltd. Was established in Thailand as a business entity on 2001 with a registered capital of THB 30 million. The primary objective is to be a manufacturer tooling die, the key materials for our product are flexible printed circuit (FPC). FPC is essentially an accuracy cutting product. It is completely manufactured by using cutting die, which is controlled cutting dimension by die and other materials can be stamped and majority of die for electronic appliances.

MD's Focus

            All of the time, we attempt to produce die by use concept of quality is the first, since its foundation in Thailand, TSKT Co.,Ltd has developed operation with the focus on die fabrication for flexible printed wiring boards and other electric parts produce of personal computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other electric devices where miniaturization, lighter weight, and superior functions have gener-ated equipments that would have been unimaginable before. Flexible printed wiring boards play a crucial role in achieving superior compactness and superior functions. Today most of flexible printed circuit board was manufactured with our Quick die change (QDC) method.
            Thanks to our constant emphasis on creativity, our dies enjoy an outstanding reputation for high precision, reliability, short delivery-time, and ease-of-use, you can find TSKT spirit of accepting any challenge in the many fine produce manufac-tured from our facilities